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Safety and quality are interchangeable at The Tustin Group.  We work daily to create a safe and high quality work environment no matter where the projects take us.  Our employees make safety a personal responsibility and both employees and customers alike benefit from our “zero accident” culture. Our technicians and project supervisors review the safety risks associated with every project  and conduct safety reviews, meetings and audits with employees and work crews prior and during all projects. We have found that our focus on safety and quality improves morale, increases productivity and efficiency, reduces employee turnover, as well as accident claims and insurance costs.  Our emphasis on safety increases the quality of care that goes into each job.

Our Mission:  To insure that all associates who come to work at The Tustin Group are able to return home in the same condition as they arrived.

Our Goals:  Zero incidents.  Zero injuries.

Our Commitment:  From regular communication programs to job training and community outreach, we make sure that each job is conducted in a way that prevents injury and protects lives. The Tustin Group  has a Certified Safety Committee that meets once a month.  Meeting minutes, follow up assignments, copies of Tool Box Talks and safe work/safe habit reminders are communicated regularly to all employees. In addition, Our technicians are certified in crane rigging, crane hand signaling, confined spaces, and arc flash training. Each technician is not only trained in safe work protocol, but given a dedicated safety tool kit that accompanies them on every job.  Each tool kit contains: a fall protection shock lanyard and a fall protection kit, chemical impact goggles, headgear, a hard hat, a dust max, several pairs of neoprene gloves, a lockout safety kit, an inline GFCI cord set, safety eyewear and lens cleaners, ear plugs, work gloves, a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, a safety vest, a motorist safety kit, caution tape, and plastic cones.

Safety at all costs: You cannot put a price on keeping employees safe.   Our technicians will not put themselves, their co-workers nor our customers at risk.